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Acephala Neo-Suffragette


The AW 2017 Neo-Suffragette collection by Acephala is inspired by women’s marches, both contemporary and historic, showing the legacy of the movement. Prints introduce the narrative element to the collection. Created by the Polish artist Dorota Pawlicka, they are based on photographs of women’s demonstrations throughout the history, showing both images from the XIX century suffragettes’ marches and those showing the Polish Black March and demonstrations in Washington, D.C. All the drawings have been combined together into one pattern and printed onto fabrics that have then been used to make a t-shirt, leggings, a skirt and a shirt.


Photography: Bartek Wieczorek
Stylist: Michał Koszek
Models: Weronika Wood, Aleksandra Trzcińska, Coco Kate, Armada Tomasz
Make-up: Pola Dzwigała
Hair: Kamil Pecka